Smooth Epoxy Metallic Coating

Epoxy Metallic System


A metallic epoxy floor coating is quite simply a low yellowing epoxy, with a metallic pigment mixed within. In other words, tiny, almost glitter-like pigments are mixed into an epoxy resin and then poured onto the floor or substrate. When these pigments become agitated with a paintbrush or roller, they gather, separate, twist and turn to reflect light at different angles. Eventually, the epoxy hardens and the metallic pigments are locked into place and give a three dimensional, swirly look. The installation technique is what determines the final look of the floor and is a critical part in attaining the desired look.


  • Chemical & abrasion resistant
  • Additional high chemical resistant options
  • Non-slip anti-skid options for wet or oil saturated floors
  • Completely seamless and monolithic
  • Structural repair systems for cracks, spalls & joint restoration
  • Optional cove base & wall coatings
  • Affordable & cost effective
  • Extreme durability for high traffic areas
  • Very low maintenance compared to other flooring products
  • Quick installation time means less downtime
  • VOC-free options – Being “Green” is important to us
  • Can be installed pre or post construction
  • For new or existing floors
  • Virtually unlimited design options, patterns, textures and color options
  • Complete project customization
Epoxy Metallic System 1
Epoxy Metallic System 2

Ideal For

  • Retail stores
  • Office buildings
  • Hotels and casinos
  • Schools and universities
  • Automobile dealership showrooms
  • Professional and collegiate sports arenas
  • Shopping malls
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Laboratories
  • Showrooms
  • Parking Garage
  • Living Spaces
  • Basement
  • Any floor in your home where you want a durable, beautiful finish
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