Parking & Balcony Coating And Waterproofing System

Balcony & Parking Coating System


Here at OCFS, we offer high performance and durable parking and balcony coating system. Our coating is a fully bonded and seamless elastomeric waterproofing polyurethane system. Exterior and interior top coats on structural slabs are UV resistant and provide improved wear. This system utilizes polyurethane and epoxy technologies to protect steel-reinforced, concrete traffic and pedestrian decks from the damaging effects of chlorides and water ingress.


  • Ease of application with unlimited pot life restrictions
  • Eliminates lateral water migration undermining durability
  • Excellent crack bridging properties even at low temperatures
  • Increased mechanical properties and slip resistance
  • Low cost to install and maintain
  • Enhanced wear and UV resistance, with broader choice of colours
  • Conforms to most recent Canadian standards for parking garages
  • Easy to install / increased productivity
  • Increased mechanical properties and slip resistance
  • Prolonged service life of structures
  • Excellent abrasion and wear resistance
  • Resist to light vehicle traffic, vehicle fluids spills and as well to deicing salts exposure
Balcony & Parking Coating System
Balcony & Parking Coating finishes 2

Ideal For

  • Apartment Balconies
  • Commercial Building Balconies
  • Industrial Balconies
  • Apartment Parking
  • Shopping Mall Parking
  • Airport Parking
  • Commercial Facility Parking
  • Industrial Parking
  • Virtually any mass parking spaces

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