What Are The Benefits Of Concrete Resurfacing ?

Are your concrete surfaces looking old, worn or dirty? This is where concrete resurfacing comes in. What is concrete resurfacing? Simply put, it's a thin cement based overlay with special bonding agents that is poured over existing concrete. However, as simple as it sounds, if concrete resurfacing is done incorrectly it can damage and ruin the look of your current property. You should always consult with a professional contractor before attempting to do this job by yourself, or you can always hire professional contractors like Ontario Concrete & Flooring Solutions to do a concrete resurfacing project for you.

Here's a quick guide that will fill you in on some benefits of concrete resurfacing.

 So what are the benefits of concrete resurfacing ? 

It's Economical 

In comparison to other solutions that fix worn out and cracked concrete, resurfacing is very cost efficient. The overall cost can be up to three times less than ripping up and replacing old concrete. You save money on the cost of materials and labor while still achieving the look of a brand new surface. Concrete resurfacing can also be used to repair old surfaces as well as hide damage, so you get more for your money.

It Allows for Different Designs & Colors for more Aesthetically Pleasing Finishes

Do you want a marble floor without paying the price of actual marble? Or maybe you prefer sandstone, brick, granite, or a specific color? The beauty of concrete resurfacing is that it can be tinted with special colorants or stamped with patterns or finishes. This allows you to customize your concrete floors and achieve the design and ambiance you're specifically looking for without paying the price of the expensive materials.

Increases Resilience to Future Wear & Tear

The materials used in concrete resurfacing are extremely durable and some can even be stain resistant.One of the best things about concrete resurfacing is that your new surface has the potential to last much longer than your existing concrete surface did.

It Can Increase the Value of Your property

The benefits of concrete resurfacing go above and beyond the basic idea of upgrading a floor. It becomes an investment for the property, because it fixes cracked, damaged and worn out floors to make them look brand new while adding a customized design aspect, which in turn increases the value of the property. Concrete resurfacing is also often sealed and has the potential to last longer since it protects from daily wear and tear. You can even add non-slip coatings to your new floor so that it is safe to walk on regardless of how wet it gets. 

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