Polyurethane Flooring Service

Polyurethane Flooring System


Polyurethane Concrete System is a high-performance; heavy-duty self-leveling three component cementitious polyurethane product that is specifically designed for harsh environments where chemical and thermal shock resistance are required. 
This seamless system while providing abrasion and impacts resistance can tolerate high moisture which makes them suitable to be installed directly onto concrete. 


  • Odorless & Non-toxic
  • Superior adhesion without priming
  • High abrasion & Chemical resistance
  • Easy maintenance
  • No ventilation required
  • Thermal shock resistant
  • Completely seamless and monolithic
  • Can be applied on to 7-10 days old concrete
  • Excellent performance under thermally induced stresses such as steam cleaning
Polyurethane concrete System
Polyurethane concrete System 2

Ideal For

  • Food and beverage processing areas
  • Sterilization areas
  • Sanitize/wash areas
  • Cooking areas, proofing ovens, baking areas
  • Refrigeration and freezer storage areas
  • Meat packaging
  • Dairy facility
  • Healthcare area
  • Chemical processing
  • Food production areas
  • Ect.....
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